Co-creators Handler and Chloe Sarbib have written true-to-life characters with true-to-life stories to tell. 

-WebVee Guide 

"The ebb and flow of their quick, looping dialogue feels incredibly real, as does the friendship between them, and Mia’s gym-rat boyfriend is a hilarious standout (appearing in the 7th episode)."

-Coffee and Irony

"Cleo, Chloe, and Holly are part of dialogue that is scarce for women. Pay attention to what they have to say, and you won't be disappointed." 

-Freaks and Geeks Magazine 

"Many shows out there deal with similar issues of shifting female friendships and navigating the transition to the real world (like gems Broad City and of course Girls, but we still felt that something was missing – and that’s where the music came in."

- Bitch Flicks

Creators Cleo Handler and Chloe Sarbib don’t shy away from what makes these girls real; their problems, passions, frustrations, selfishness, and love for one another are all laid out on the table for the world to see. They are real young women struggling with problems that real young women have.


"With a fake band, real friends, and legit music, YOUNG LIKE US' sweet sincerity makes it a must-watch for the youthful at heart."

- YAY! LA 

"Despite the contemporary glut of shows about girlfriends living in New York City, YOUNG LIKE US distinguishes itself with quirky characters and musical flair."

-Yale Daily News 

"YOUNG LIKE US is the best damn show out there, period. It's my second love next to cheese." 

-Larry the Landlord